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Mid 1800s Dual Handed Carpenter Rim Lock

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A really unusual Late Georgian/Early Victorian wrought iron antique dual handed (works on both sides of the door) carpenter rim lock (the handle bolt goes up/down, not in/out) with its lovely original keep. Had a few carpenter rim locks over the years, never had a dual handed one before, this is probably the earliest dual handed rim we've had. All refurbished and lightly refinished with original key and dual handed keep.


Great original working condition, lots of signs of old finishes. We've made a few repairs so the key is a little stiff and we've replaced the spindle entry with a modern one. Its obviously been used as a left handed lock as the keep is only worn on that side. If you using it again as a left handed just double check the keep location before making the screw holes.

Finish/material: Lightly refinished wrought iron
Lock size: 145mm x 101mm (5.75in x 4in)
Handle backset: 95mm (3.75in)  Key: 65mm (2.5in)
Keep size: 101mm x 31mm (4in x 1.25in)
Stock code: 1558/O
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