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Rim Lock, Left or Right Handed

Rim Locks, Mortice Locks - Left or Right Hand?

Rim Locks, Latches, Mortice Locks - Left or Right Hand?
Most rim locks & some rim latches are described as left or right-handed, what exactly does this mean? Simply it's what side of the door they are positioned on, the vast majority of rim locks and latches are positioned on the inside of the door, so a left-handed lock is positioned on the left of the inside of the door. 
Rim Locks - Left or Right Handed
Dual handed rim lock
Dual Handed
Most rim latches & some rim locks are dual handed, so they work on either side side of the door. More often than not, the locks have a double key hole (left), so are just turned, other models need the case opening* and the bolt turned round so the curved edge faces inwards. The same applies to mortice locks, either turned round or opened and turning the bolt (below), the curved face of the bolt, always faces inwards towards the keep (below left).
Mortice lock, left or right handed
 * Little tip, open the case carefully just in case all the springs pop out & take a photo, so you know how it goes back together.
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