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Tips Fitting Antique Door Handles

3 Top Tips Fitting Antique Door Handles

Following on from our Fitting Antique Door Handles which covers the basics, here we have a couple of little tips we've picked up over the years of dealing & fitting antique & period door handles.

Taking out the 'play' - If you have particularly thick doors, you might be at the end of the spindle so there's only a little bit of spindle inside the collar of the handle, making the handle feel a little loose. It's perfectly acceptable to pack out the spindle. We've had boxed old stock over the years, they all came with sprung steel packers.

Antique Door Handles

Getting them tight - Even with threaded spindles it's not always possible to get the handles tight against the door. Just make sure they aren't too tight they don't turn or pinch a steel rim lock so its too stiff.

 Antique Door Knobs

Hiding that grub screw - Go to all the hassle of finding, buying and fitting the handles, you don't want to be seeing the screws. You can either screw them from below. Or, if you have a back plate with a screw hole (like pictured) our little tip is leave the back plate loose, screw them in from above, then spin the Rose and secure.

 Period and Antique Door Handles



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