Edwardian Door Plates & Knobs


A large antique pair of door plates with bevelled edges and substantial oval handles, weighing nearly 2kg. This is the last of a large set that were originally reclaimed from an Edwardian hospital, Circa 1905. What was the outside plate is larger than the inside one and has the keyhole, so was only lockable from the outside (couldn't use them like that these days). Cleaned and polished, they will quickly tarnish but easily polished with a Brasso type product. We should have a mortice lock that fits the handle backset but not the key backset.


Good original condition, they have quite a few marks and surface scratches.

Finish: Brass
Plate size: 170mm x 182mm & 170mm x 150mm 
Backsets:  Handles:135mm Key: 50mm
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws
Stock code: 628

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