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What are Exterior Door Handles

What are Exterior Door Handles?

Another common question we get asked (& also searched for on the website) is 'Exterior Door Handle'. Personally I think exterior door handle as far as period front doors go is a modern term. Over the years we've reclaimed a lot of exterior period doors and handles, they're just regular brass door handles. Very occasionally we come across something slightly larger & more decorative, that might have been sold as a 'Front Door Handle' but they're the same thing.

A lot of modern door handles are brass or chrome plated alloy or steel & then clear lacquered, if used outside, eventually the lacquer will wear off and then the plating will wear exposing the alloy or steel to the elements. These seem to be referred to as 'Interior Door Handles', So the term 'Exterior Door Handle' seems to relate to a modern handle made of solid brass, that may be lacquered.

All our antique & reproduction door handles are unlacquered solid brass and will work perfectly outside, as they are unlacquered they will tarnish, and after many years start to weather a little. The spindles (metal rod that goes between the handles) tend to be steel, they may pick up some surface rust over time, you won't see it and it won't effect the operation. We've had handles off front doors 200+yrs old & the metal spindles are still perfectly usable.

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