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1920s/30s Clockwork Door Bell

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An original fully working Clockwork front door bell (AKA rotary & mechanical door bells). Designed to go on the door rather than the frame or wall, the push button is on a long stalk that locates into a socket on the back of the bell. It's got quite a long wind so won't need rewinding all the time. The length of the stalk is limited, you can cut it shorter, the bell unscrews so you can screw the mechanism to the door.


Good original condition, a few marks and scratches around the push and a bit of weathering here and there.

Size bell: 92mm diam x 40mm (3.5in x 1.5in)
Size bell push: 115mm x 52mm (4.5in x 2in)
Fits doors: Up to 45mm (1.75in)
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