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What Are Finger Plates Used For?

What are Victorian Finger Plates Used For?

Finger plates are to stop marks and fingerprints on your door. 

Where do finger plates go on doors?

On the outside above the handle, where you're going to push the door, hence they're also known as push plates.

Do finger plates go on both sides of the door?

It wasn't their original use, but they are ideal for covering over old marks or adding some additional decoration to the inside. 

What are finger plates made of?

Normally brass, sometimes wood, the thinner pressed brass examples are occasionally plated metal.

Did the Victorians have finger plates?

They certainly did, as far as we're aware they go back as far as door handles.
What are the plates called across the bottom of doors?
We describe them as kick plates they're also known as door plates. Generally, they only go on front doors, we have seen them on storm and porch doors. 
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