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Personalised Servants Call Boxes

Personalised Servants Call Boxes

A good customer recently had an unfortunate accident and smashed the painted glass front on their much loved servants call box and asked us if we could find a way to replace it in a cost effective way. In the past we have had them hand painted and also hand silk screen printed but both are quite expensive options.

Personalised Servants Call box

As we had most of the original front we were able to copy all the dimensions into a CAD program, have printed and sandwiched between two sections of float glass. Even though its fundamentally print and not painted, with the addition of an old boxes and keeping the original flags (where possible) we're really happy with the look

Personalised Servants Call Box


Since then we've sold a few more including this example in a more 1920s/Art Deco style with an Arsenic Green front and round windows. We are trying to keep at least one in stock all the time, but we can personalise pretty much any of the boxes on the site.

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Gregory Pestrak - November 9, 2021

To whom it may concern-

We had an old servants bell in the house that I have kept and wanted to restore for my wife for her birthday/Christmas. Can you recommend anyone who may be able to do this for me? We are based in southwest London.
Many thanks for your help


george epple - February 6, 2020

I live in the US and have owned a larger servants call box for many years that is missing the flags. While my call box is probably made in the US I suspect it’s made essentially like many others. Can you tell me what the flags most likely looked like if I send you a photograph?

George Epple

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