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Using Antique Bath and Basin Taps

Using Antique Bath and Basin Taps

One of the most common questions we get asked is will antique taps fit my plumbing? The easy answer is yes. The vast majority of modern taps (except mono block mixers) are still 1/2'' BSP for basin and sinks and 3/4'' BSP for bath taps and bath mixers. BSP stands for British Standard Pipe and is a common thread size for most Countries. Some antique basin and bath taps have the larger 1'' BSP but 1'' to 3/4'' reducers are freely available. If you need to measure a thread size here's a useful guide.

Fitting antique taps is exactly the same as fitting modern taps, a couple of things to check are some antique taps have a locating square lug between the thread (tail) and the tap, you'll need to double check this will fit through the hole in your basin or bath. Also to make sure there is enough clearance for the tap tails.

Types of antique taps

Like today there was a wide choice of taps available for both basins and baths in the Victorian & Edwardian periods. Antique basin come in the standard paired style that are mounted into the surface of the sink. Another popular style is the bib taps sometimes known as butler or Belfast taps as they often used with butler or Belfast sinks. This style of taps are mounted on upstands that have a threaded insert (normally 1/2''BSP) and the taps screw into the upstands. Taps that are mounted inside sinks are usually known as globe taps but they have a threaded insert so the pipe has an external thread that screws into the tap, however various connectors are available so you can use either. 


There are many ways to use antique taps a good independent plumbers merchant will stock a range of connectors and fittings. A popular method is exposed pipework this can look great in traditional period projects as pipework could have been originally exposed. This method can also look great where a more industrial look is required.

Industrial tap ideas


Heres our latest stock of antique bath and basin taps

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