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Letterbox and Tidy Fitting

Letterbox and Tidy Fitting

We get asked allot about fitting letter plates especially how to find and fit an internal tidy. Two of the styles of letter plate we stock (Classic and traditional, with or without clapper) do have a matching easy to fit tidy/internal flap. In some cases its possible to fit this tidy with other styles of letter plates, there are some brief instructions at the foot.

Fitting a letter plate/box.

If the hole is too small for the replacement plate it’ll require cutting out. Mark out the required size making sure it’s large enough for the flap and the flap hinges and spring. You can either use a jigsaw and drill out the corners for the blade or use a handsaw by cutting several slots and chipping it out with a chisel. We’d recommend triple checking these measurements as the fixing bolts can be quite close to the flap opening.



Once the new opening is cut fit the plate and make sure the flap opens freely before marking out the fixing bolt holes. We’d recommend drilling it out first with a skinny drill bit it’s easier to keep it straight.



On this style the lug on the fixing bolt requires recessing into the fixing bolt hole. Measure the lug, mark it out on the door and chisel it out to the right depth. Before you finally fit the plate check the width of the fixing bolts, if they have a round head nut they may need cutting to size. Push the bolts through the door, and using a hacksaw cut them to size but leaving enough thread to securely thread on the nuts.



Fitting an internal tidy to a Classic or Traditional letter plate.

The internal tidy is manufactured to easily fit the Classic and Traditional style letter plates, with or without clapper. The fixing bolts supplied with the internal tidy simply go through the counter sunk holes in the tidy and screw into the back of the lugs of letter plates (replacing the bolts supplied with the letter plate). You’ll need an extra couple of hands or clamps to keep the letter plate against the door as screw the bolts through the tidy into the back of the letter plate lugs. The bolts may need cutting to size so the tidy and letter plate can be pulled tight to the door.




Fitting the internal tidy on its own.

If you already have a letter plate and just need a good quality tidy our solid brass or nickel tidy might work for you. Check the measurements of the opening on the back of your door to make sure the distance between the bolts on the tidy will fit over your existing bolts. Chances are your existing bolts aren’t the right distance and will stop the tidy screwing flat to the door. Using a drill bit or a flat wood drill bit enlarge the fixing bolt holes enough so your bolts will recess into the door, you’ll also need to reduce the length of the fixing bolts. To attach the tidy to the back of the door (the bolts supplied are supposed to screw into the back of the lugs on the Classic and Traditional letter plates) you can use a 6.5m drill bit, then cut the bolts to size and simply screw them into the 6.5mm hole. Or use a wood screw with a large head and a washer.

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Alan Woolford - July 21, 2016

Thank you for your help with the fitting (bolts) for my letter plate and tidy. I’m sorry I rang so late ! The product is stunning – thanks again.

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