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Vintage Nickel Door Handles

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A chunky pair (nearly 900g) of solid brass nickel plated vintage handles on an industrial style backplate with a large knob. These are very much an Edwardian style but probably date from a later period. They have a slight Blue tinge to the finish so we're pretty sure they are nickel not chrome.

Sold as a pair.


Overall good condition, a few scratches especially on the knobs and bit of wear. The handles are a bit stiff a bit like sprung handles. I think they were acid dipped and the steel washer has expanded a little. We've nibbled the edges of the washer to free them up a bit.

Finish: Original nickel over solid brass
Diameter of handle: 51mm (2in)
Back plate size: 153mm x 51mm (6in x 2in)
Projection: 80mm (3in)
Supplied with: New nickel slotted screws and 7mm sq spindle
Stock code: 1018/G

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