Victorian Rim Latch & Beehive Handles


A late Victorian antique rim latch with its original pair of solid brass chunky beehive door handles, recently removed from a property in S Wales. I'm pretty sure this was off a bathroom door but could work equally well on a bedroom. The latch is marked 'Perkins & Seaward, Cardiff' and the handles are top quality and are a patented version by Hobbs & Co (stamped on the spindle). The latch has been cleaned and the mechanism oiled, we've left it as original as possible and its been finished with a waxoyl to prevent it rusting. The handles have been machine polished.

Sold as rim latch, keep and pair of handles.


Overall good original working condition, signs of old finishes and wear on the latch. The handles are in great original condition with lots of wear to the beehive ribs, its been used 1000s of times.

Finish: Original steel
Latch size: 128mm x 120mm (5in x 4.75in)
Handle backset: 81mm (3.25in)
Fits doors: 25mm threaded to approx 70mm (1in to 2.5in)
Keep size: 106mm x 20mm (4in x 1in)
Supplied with: New slotted screws
Stock code: 1091/D

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Tags: Victorian
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