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Victorian Brass Rim Lock (LH)

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Matching solid brass left handed late Victorian antique rim locks with their original keeps. Made by Boob Byer & Sons (AKA Boobyers) around 1895 they are in quite a Yellow brass, I believe one of their slogans was 'Everything in brass from nails to pails'. Each lock is stamped with the makers name on the fore plate, refurbished, cleaned and polished. The key is new and It'll take a standard 7-8mm spindle.

Sold singly.


Great original. A few scratches here and there especially round the key entry's and a couple of very minor dings, some of the springs are new.

Finish: Brass
Lock size: 152mm x 78mm (6in x 3in)
Handle backset: 115mm (4.5in) Key: 56mm (2.25in)
Keep size: 76mm x 20mm (3in x .75in)
Supplied with: New slotted screws
Stock code: 1475/A

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