Set 7 Victorian Servants Call Bells

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An original working set of 7 servants call bells by John Cartland & Sons, cast in their Birmingham foundry around 1870. These are a particularly nice graduated set (each bell has a different tone) with brass fixing plates, chunky solid brass angled arms and slightly larger button decorations. All the bells have a lovely clear tone and they have a proper cast bell clapper so they don't need much of a 'jiggle' for a loud ding.

The English oak board actually came from a set we bought as spares. All the brass has been cleaned and lightly polished and the wrought iron re-finished in the traditional way, the board we've just removed the old varnish and waxed it. If you want to use them, they've been positioned so they can be set under under tension. There are two countersunk holes behind the two top end bell fixing plates if required.          


Really good original condition, a few light dings in some of the fronts and the usual wear, marks, scratches, etc.

Finish: Original brass & iron
Board size: 
Average diameter of bell: 80mm (3.25in)
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