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Set 4 Victorian Servants Bells

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A great set of 4 graduated antique servants bells with brass flower fronts and really unusually they still have their original indicator stalks with matching roundels, so when the bell rings the indicators move with the arms. These date from around 1880ish and would have originally been part of a larger set.

We had to strip all the brass on the arms and backing plates and give them a polish but the bells and flower roundels have just been cleaned and really lightly polished by hand. The wrought iron has been refinished in the traditional way. This is a fully working set, they've been set to be pulled from the left (as per pics).

They'll be shipped with the stalks attached, please unpack them very, very carefully. 


Overall great working condition.

Finish: Original brass & iron
Average height incl indicator: 300mm (12in)
Average diameter of bell: 80mm (3.25in)
Stock code: 1229
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