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Reclaimed Vacant/Engaged Lock

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Matching solid brass Vacant/Engaged indicators and slide bolts. Recently reclaimed from stall doors in a commercial building, the building was Victorian but these probably date to 1930s/40s. The bar in the back of the slide bolt fits into the socket in the back of the indicator, fits either left or right handed doors. They've all been soaked, cleaned inside and out, the spring fixing and machine polished. Double check the 'fits doors' size in sizes & info.

Sold singly.


Overall really good working condition, some really light fading on the wording and some surface marks and scratches.

Finish: Original brass 
Indicator size: 67mm x 62mm (2.5in x 2.5in)
Slide bolt size: 76mm x 32mm (3in x 1.25in)
Fits doors: 42mm to 47mm (any narrower, simply unscrew the bar and cut it)
Stock code: 1244/F

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