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Reclaimed Chrome Door Handles

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Matching pairs of reclaimed Gibbons style handles, solid brass with a chrome plated finish. They were removed from a Local Authority building along with original handles of the same style. My guess is these were later replacements, unsure of age but they have seen quite a lot of wear. Cleaned and polished.  

Sold in pairs.


A fair bit of wear to the chrome finish, scratches and various marks. Some loss to a couple of the stems and insides of the handles (see last pic) but they can be truned downwards so it can't be seen.

Finish: Chrome over brass
Diameter of handle: 47mm (1.75in)
Back plate size: 145mm x 55mm (5.5in x 1in)
Supplied with: New 1/2in chrome slotted screws and new 7mm sq spindle
Stock code: 1170/A

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