Pair Large Front Door Pulls


A large pair of brass centre door pulls that can either be used separately or as a pair that go through the front door. I'm pretty sure they aren't antiques but they certainly have a bit of age and quality to them. We've re tapped new metric bolts and also supplied a threaded spindle so they can used through the door. Both pulls still have their locating spikes so to use them as pair it'll be easier to cut one spike off (we can do it if you let us know). Cleaned and machine polished, they will quickly tarnish outside but easy enough to polish them back to shiny. The bolts to use them singly are a little short (up to approx 65mm) you might need to recess them a little. 


As expected, some wear, marks and scratches on both the pulls. One of the backplates is slightly flatter than the other.

Finish: Brass
Diameter of rose/back plate: 97mm (4in)
90mm (3.5in)
Fits doors: up to 65mm regular bolts, up to 100mm with spindle
Stock code: 851/E
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Tags: vintage
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