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Matched Vacant/Engaged Bolt

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A matched brass Vacant/Engaged brass toilet door bolt with keep, I'm pretty sure they are matched the slider is probably 30s, not sure about the indicator, it's nice quality with the round mechanism so you don't require a slot in the door. It's all been cleaned and polished, it's not pictured with any screws, we'll find something suitable. Fits both LH & RH doors. 


Loads of character and use, I think the wording has been touched up.

Finish: Brass
Indicator size: 100mm x 58mm (4in x 2.25in)
Slider size: 65mm x 50mm (2.5in x 2in) (tube diameter 12mm)
Fits doors: 34mm to approx 65mm, any narrower just cut the tube.
Stock code: 1556/L
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