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Large Art Deco Lever Handles

We currently have 8 in stock.

Matching pairs of original chrome Art Deco lever door handles, we suspect they are probably 1930s, they are plated brass and the plating is very thick and excellent quality. They were once sprung, we've paired them up so at least one is sprung but we'd recommend a sprung mortice (the pair with rounded edges are unsprung). They are mounted on a relatively large back plate but the spindle to key distance is standard. The spindle lengths are a bit limited they have been cut for a 30-35cm thick door, any different please ask. They've all been machine polished.

Sold in pairs, any questions please ask.


Overall really good condition, none of the plating is worn but they are a few scratches around some of the key entrys, the backs have just been cleaned. One pair has rounded edges rather than square, see last pic.

Finish: Original chrome
Width of handle: 114mm (4.5in)
Back plate size: 204mm x 64mm (8in x 2in)
Distance top of the keyhole to spindle centre: 51mm (2in) 
Supplied with: Mix of new & original chrome slotted screws and new 7mm sq spindle that fits 99% of old and modern locks.
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