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Georgian RH Front Door Rim Lock

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A lovely example of a refurbished and lightly refinished large right handed Georgian antique front door rim lock, really usable as it can work as a regular rim lock and additional night latch, if need be. Early 1800s and made for a front door, the lock bolt is operated by both the knob on the front and the key (key from from both sides), the brass slide on the back edge locks the bolt closed so it can be used as a regular rim lock. The handle bolt is only operated by the handles, just like a normal rim lock. Original key and a later keep.

Unusually its got a large 10mm sq square spindle entry.


Great original working condition, marks and scratches to be expected. The keys a bit loose, if you plan to leave it in, it'll just need turning 90 degrees.

Material/finish: Refinished wrought iron.
Lock size: 255mm x 167mm (10in x 6.5in)
Handle backset: 191mm (7.5in)  Key: 113mm (4.25in)
Keep size: 170mm x 40mm (10in x 1.5in)
Stock code: 1837

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