Iron Espagnolette French Door Bolt


A Black iron French door bolt with a decorative handle. I'm pretty sure its not an antique but it did have allot of overpainting and it has the older style of operation, not the modern square spindle Complete with all the relevant brackets and top and bottom keeps for the rods to recess into. I'm not sure all the brackets properly match the top and bottom could be from a different set. Many, many layers of old paint has been removed some parts were given a very light Black colour then all the parts were treated with a specialist metal oil product to protect them from rusting again.

The sizes below are maximum sizes excluding approx. 20mm at either end to go into the keeps, they can be made shorter by cutting the rods to size. Traditionally the shorter section goes into the floor. We could have additional recessed keeps made if the current keeps don't fit your door frame, please contact us. 

Overall good original condition, some weathering here and there, only one brass grub screw for the little back plate but it doesn't effect the operation.

Finish: Original iron 
Max overall height: 2170mm (7ft 1.25')
Max bottom section to handle centre: 1000mm (39.25in) 
Max top section to handle centre 1170mm (46in)
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