Edwardian Brass Rim Lock and Oval Handles

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Great quality matching sets of solid brass rim locks by Leggott Ltd and their original ebonised oval rim lock handles. These were all removed from a property Circa 1900. You can tell these sets are particularly good quality as they have brass return springs, not steel ones, the handles have the threaded brass collar so the handles sit nice and tight up against the door and each lock weighs nearly 1kg each.  

All the brass has been cleaned and machine polished, easily polished when it starts to tarnish. The handles have been cleaned and waxed. The mechanism has been cleaned, no key however a replacement one can be made by most High St locksmiths for around £30 for the first and £6 for further keys. The brass keeps are modern replacements.

Sold as a set of one rim lock, one pair of handles and a keep.


Overall excellent condition, the keeps are a slightly different shade of brass but they will tarnish to match very quickly.

Finish: Original brass
Lock size: 147mm x 86mm (5.75in x 3.5in)
Backset: 112mm (4.25in) (key hole backset 47mm)
Fits doors: 30mm to approx 65mm
Keep size: 115mm x 20mm (4.5in x 1in)
Supplied with: New slotted screws
Stock code: 814/A

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