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Early 1900s Mushroom Oval Knobs

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Matching pairs of antique early 1900s door handles with a mushroom shaped oval handle. Probably Circa 1910/20 something like that. Cleaned and machine polished, they will tarnish pretty quickly if you don't use a Brasso type product. These examples are in a fairly mid tone of brass.

Sold in pairs.


Good original condition a few light marks and scratches. Some still have remnants of their original packers inside the handles, they don't rattle when on the door. A couple of very slight bends on the Rose plates.

Finish: Polished brass 
Width of knob: 60mm (2.25in)
Rose plate diameter: 60mm (2.25in)
Projection: 60mm (2.25in)
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws & new 7mm sq spindle, fits 99% of locks and latches.
Stock code: 1511/F

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