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Early 1900s Gibbons Style Handles

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Matching pairs of Gibbons style handles, recently reclaimed from a late Victorian building. The building had lots of pairs of Gibbons handles and these were on what looked like later 1920s or 30s doors. They've all been cleaned and machine polished, they are presented in an almost Rose brass.

Sold in pairs.


Great original condition, some slight wear to the backs of some of the handles and a bit of weathering on the brass.

Finish: Solid brass
Diameter of handle: 51mm (2in)
Size Rose/back plate: 147mm x 54mm (5.75in x 2in)
Projection: 60mm (2.25in)
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws & new 7mm sq spindle (fits 99% of modern and antique locks)
Stock code: 1478/F

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