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Early 1800s Front Door Lock

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A quite large lightly refurbished wrought iron antique front door stop lock with its original key, I've also seen them referred to as night latches. This particular example dates from anytime from around 1830 to approx 1880. Both the handle and key retract the bolt and the brass sliding bolt keeps the bolt open. No handle mechanism for the outside but there is a key hole. The key is the wrought iron original, the keep is new.


We've left it as original as possible, it's had a few touch up and finished with a product to prevent it from rusting, quite a few signs of old finishes.

Finish: Wrought iron
Lock size: 210mm x 129mm (8.25in x 5in)
Key backset: 88mm (3.5in)
Keep size: 160mm x 25mm (6.25in x 1in)
Supplied with: New black slotted screws
Stock code: 1273/I

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