Early 1800s French Door Bell


An original sprung front door bell embossed with its makers name 'Dubois Robert Aupuy'. I believe the Company were casting bells until around 1830. These are sometimes referred to as shop bells but I've only seen them as door bells. They work in a similar way to the English ones, you need a sprung bell pull to operate it and the bell is set under a bit of tension when its connected to the pull. The spring is as 'springy' as the day it was made. The bell has a lovely quality loud ring.


Fantastic working condition, we've just given it a clean and refinished the iron with a traditional product.

Finish: Original brass 
Height: 235mm (9in)
Length of spike: 75mm (3in)
Diameter of bell: 85mm (3.25in)
Stock code: 985/I
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