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Dual Handed Mid Victorian Rim Lock


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A refurbished mid Victorian antique iron rim lock with brass mounts, see quite a few these, not seen one with the older style key before. Patented design the lock part comes out of the frame and can be turned round to make it dual handed so can work on either side of the door. Stamped on the reverse with it's makers name. All refurbished, original key, the keep is a later replacement.


Great original working condition, lots of signs of old finishes.

Finish: Cast iron
Lock size: 150mm x 120mm (6in x 4.75in)
Handle backset: 103mm (4in) Key: 46mm (1.75in) 
Keep size: 120mm x 22mm (4.75in x .75in)
Stock code: 1627/Y
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