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Drop Rim Lock Handles

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Matching pairs of recently reclaimed rim lock handles, one side is a drop handle (for the rim lock) and the other an Edwardian style handles with a larger Rose plate. They came from an Edwardian property, but they aren't that old. The drop handle has a threaded spindle with a collar that keeps it tight to the door, the other handle then just fits over the top and is screwed into place. At some point grub screws have been added, no idea why they don't need them. Cleaned and polished, the spindle will fit 99% of rim locks and latches.

Sold in pairs.


Good original condition.

Finish: Polished brass 
Width of drop handle: 66mm (2.5in)
Rose plate diameter round handle: 66mm (2.5in)
Fits doors & locks: 40mm to approx 75mm (1.5in x 3in)
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws
Stock code: 1330/A
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