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Servants Bells & Custom Boards

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Original sets of matching Victorian servants call bells on custom made antique pine boards. The main image shows one of the boards custom written to the customers colour & font (the bells are different). The other images show a board with 3 bells but with no writing.

The cost is based on 3 bells, on a board with your own room names but we can do any amount (stock dependent), you don't have to have the writing, we can discount it from the cost. Takes approx 7-10 days and everything will be confirmed with you before anything is finalised. 

All fully working and lightly refurbished, I think these date from the 1900s rather than being 1800s. We've cleaned and refinished all the wrought iron and given them all a good clean. They aren't graduated and I suspect they have come from a Hotel or similar. The return springs are reversible so the bells can be pulled from either direction.

The boards are original late Victorian wide pine boards, they've come out of some Victorian bench seating, so they loads of surface wear. They've been really carefully stripped of the old varnish but retaining the original face and wear with a surrounding capping moulding. Some have a centre join, some don't.

These sizes work well for the amount of bells, but we can do pretty much anything (stock allowing).

3 bell: Approx 850mm x 280mm (33in x 11in) - £650
5 bell: Approx 1.2m x 280mm (47in x 11in) - £850
7 bell: Approx 1.5m x 280mm (60in x 11in) - £1100
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