Victorian Steel Rim Latches


Lightly refurbished late Victorian antique rim latches with a thumb lock dating from the late part of the 1800s. Probably off bedroom door but they work equally we as bathroom locks. Dual handed so they work on either side of the door. The mechanisms have been cleaned and oiled and new springs where needed. They've been finished with a waxoil product to stop them rusting (they will eventually dull down a bit).

Sold singly.


Good working condition, lots of signs of old finishes and paint.

Finish: Original steel
Lock size: 127mm x 106mm (5in x 4.25in)
Handle backset: 77mm (3in)  
Keep size: 105mm x 20mm (4in x 1in)
Supplied with: New Black slotted screws
Stock code: 1017/B

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Tags: Victorian
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