Victorian Recessed Door Bolts


Great quality late Victorian door bolts each one being stamped Gibbons, Wolverhampton & Patent. These are for recessing into doors and have a ratchet type mechanism so they can be used top or bottom. We've supplied each one with a new keep, the bolt fits in snuggly and will also keep the hole from splitting out. They've all been cleaned and machine polished, easily polished when they start to tarnish.

Sold Singly, one left.


Good condition, the usual marks and surface scratches.

Finish: Original brass
Bolt size: 305mm x 25mm (12in x 1in)
Keep size: 35mm x 20mm (1.25in x 0.75in)
Stock code: 894/B
Return depth (fits doors): 30mm (1.25in) minimum
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws

Incl VAT.

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Tags: Victorian
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