Victorian Doctors Door Knocker


A fantastic antique version of the classic brass Doctors door knocker, this example dates from around 1890. Both the knocker and strike plate have a square lug that requires recessing and we've tapped modern metric bolts. Cleaned and machine polished.  


Overall good condition, some weathering and wear on the brass and marks on the strike plate. Patina remains in the grooves and decoration. As on most Victorian knockers the bolts toe in a bit.

Finish: Original brass
Max height on door: 178mm (7in)
Diameter of strike plate: 60mm (2.25in) 
Projection: 60mm (2.25in)
Distance between bolts: 116mm (4.5in)
Fits doors: Up to 60mm
Stock code: 985/N
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Tags: Victorian
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