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Large Georgian Rim Lock & Knobs

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A lovely original refurbished example of an early 1800s antique Georgian brass rim lock with slide thumb bolt with original key, keep and brass handles. The type with the hidden screws, the main lock has a backplate that fits to the door and the lock slides over the plate (accessed by the central screw on the fore plate) and the keep has a brass cover accesses via grub screws on the inside, wide keep to cover the double throw key mechanism. The grub screw for the handles is actually in the end of one of the handles, not something we see that often but it does mean it's quite limited on door thickness (see sizes & info) we could have it adapted to fit any door at a small cost.

All cleaned, polished & refurbished, any questions, please ask.


Quite a few surface marks and scratches, the tin slip on the handles had worn, replaced with a modern plastic one. 

Finish: Brass
Lock size: 199mm x 112mm (7.75in x 4.25in)
Handle backset: 160mm (6.25in) Key: 98mm (3.75in)
Keep size: 112mm x 31mm (4.25in x 1.25in)
Supplied with: No screws, modern posi head will be easiest. 
Fits doors: 25mm to 30mm
Stock code: 1532/U

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