Antique Hanging Glass CHEMIST Shop Sign


A lovely example of an antique hanging glass CHEMIST shop sign. It's double sided (both sides are pictured) and electrified with two bulbs to light up. As its zinc it was probably outside hanging from a bracket over the pavement or in the shop porch. The zinc box was riveted together the glass then fixed in and zinc mouldings pinned over the glass. Based on the box and the design we'd date this sign from anywhere from the early 1900's to the 30's it also still has its original brass hanging chains (approx 750mm each). The two bulb holders look more modern than the box possibly 1960's the bulbs are accessed via a small hinged hatch in the base it could possibly be rewired but the hatch is quite small and I wouldn't advise trying to remove the glass. We've just connected approx 2.5m of Black braided 3 core cable its not been tested. We actually sourced this sign from a museum and it'll be crated not boxed for shipping.


In good original condition, there was lots of overpainting and paint spots on the box and the glass that have been carefully removed whilst retaining the Black finish (although they may have been a more original Green finish underneath). The whole item has been thoroughly cleaned and the box waxed and buffed. There is some flaking to the writing and the background, you could add a White plastic diffuser to the inside which would spread the light better but we've tried to leave it as original as possible.  

Finish: Zinc and glass
Width: 710mm (28in)
Height: 280m (11in)
Depth: 190mm (7.5in)
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