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9'' Georgian Rim Lock & Knobs


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A refurbished and lightly refinished left handed 9'' late Georgian rim lock with thumb slide bolt and pair of brass octagonal door handles. The key surround on the front is definitely a later addition and we've added the brass key surround on the back. Its had quite a few repairs but nothing overly obvious. The handles are a later addition as is the keep, the original key works really well from the back and front.


Great original working condition, lots of signs of old finishes. We've made a couple of repairs to the mechanism. The handles are a bit fiddly to fit, the grub screw has to go in far enough to keep the handle on but not snag the separate back plate.

Finish: Iron
Lock size: 230mm x 134mm x 32mm (9in x 5.25in x 1.25in)
Handle backset: 175mm (6.75in) Key: 105mm (4in)
Keep size: 130mm x 30mm (5.25in x 1.25in)
Door handle rose diameter: 60mm (2.25in)
Fits doors: 30mm to 60mm
Stock code: 1894/G
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