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1930s Art Deco Door Handles

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A pair of 1920/30s original brass Art Deco door handles, a quite large stepped back plate with star designed handles (very Art Deco). Both back plates are stamped with their design number. Cleaned and polished, they'll soon tarnish if not kept shiny with a Brasso type product. The 7.5mm sq spindle will fit 99% of modern and antique locks.

Sold in pairs.


Good condition, a couple of very light dings in the back plates and some copper from the original plating still remains.

Finish: Original brass
Back plate size: 204mm x 76mm (8in x 3in)
Diameter of handle: 46mm (1.75in)
Distance spindle centre to top of keyhole: 51mm (2in)
Fits doors: Approx 27mm with options every couple of mm to approx 50mm
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws 
Stock code: 951/I
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