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1920s Enamel Vacant/Engaged Bolts

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Lovely quality Vacant/Engaged toilet door bolts, probably dating from the 1920s. The discs are enameled in the older style and they have classic 20s lettering, all the fittings are solid brass. Nice simple design, the slide bolt turns the disc via a small spindle, they'll work on either side of the door and the original keep can be surface mounted or recessed. They are set for quite thick doors (40 - 55mm) any narrower simply cut the spindle to fit your door, if you let us know the size we can do it but I'd advise to do when fitting the bolt.

Sold singly, we're often asked about gaining access from the outside of locked bathrooms, with a pair of skinny pliers these can be opened from the outside.


Overall really good working condition, some very slight marks here and there.

Finish: Original brass 
Indicator size: 51mm x 51mm (2in x 2in)
Slide bolt size: 67mm x 51mm (2.5in x 2in)
Fits doors: 40mm - 55mm 
Stock code: 1304

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