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Art Nouveau Brass Letterbox

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An early 1900s solid brass letterbox with clapper in an Art Nouveau style. Probably dating anywhere from 1900 to 1930, its a slightly larger example that the average ones from this period. Cleaned & polished with new spring and bolts. The replacement bolts have a locking nut at the socket end as they don't recess that far into the plate. It'll tarnish pretty quickly outside, easy enough to keep shiny with a Brass type product.


Good original condition, the flap fits pretty well, some of the lettering is worn through use and a few marks here and there.

Finish: Original brass
Size: 254mm x 135mm (10in x 5.25in)
Opening size: 135mm x 30mm (5.25in x 1.25)
Distance between bolts: 225mm (8.75in)
Fits doors: To approx 75mm (3in)
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