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Egyptian Revival Knocker & Pull

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A stunning original brass door knocker & front door pull in an Egyptian Revival style. Manufactured by TR Russell & Sons both items carry the same model number so were probably an original matching set. Date wise they could be anywhere between the late 1800s and the mid 1920s (TR Russell closed in 1926). Our guess is that they are 1920s. They were actually painted Black, once we'd very carefully stripped all the paint they had a really nice even patina underneath (we could polish them back to shiny). The bolts on the knocker are new but we've retapped some old brass bolts. 


Good original condition, a few marks on the back.

Diameter pull back plate: 
84mm (3.25in)
Knocker size: 
265mm x 65mm (10.5in x 2.5in)
Knocker distance between bolts: 
48mm (2in) L to R 158mm (6in) Top to bottom
Fits doors: 30mm to 60mm (1in to 2.5in)
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