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Victorian Long Stem Dummy Handles

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Matching pairs of antique Victorian dummy door handles with a thinner stem, Circa 1900. All recently reclaimed from a what was once a nice Hotel on the South Coast. In an almost Rose brass, these were being used on pairs of walk-in cupboard doors. As suggested by 'dummy' they don't actually turn and can't be made to turn. Cleaned and polished, they'll tarnish pretty quickly if not kept shiny with a Brasso type product.

Ideal for doors with roller locks, pantry's and large cupboards.

Sold in pairs.


Good original condition, they have a few ring marks and dings and the usual marks and scratches consummate with age and use. Some slight bends to the Rose plates but they all screw nice and flat.

Finish: Polished brass 
Diameter of knob: 45mm (1.75in)
Rose plate diameter: 56mm (2in)
Projection: 77mm (3n)
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws 
Stock code: 1350/D

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