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Victorian Long Stem Dummy Handles

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Matching pairs of antique Victorian dummy door handles with a thinner stem, Circa 1900. All recently reclaimed from a what was once a nice Hotel on the South Coast. In an almost Rose brass, these were being used on pairs of walk-in cupboard doors. As suggested by 'dummy' they don't actually turn and can't be made to turn. Cleaned and polished, they'll tarnish pretty quickly if not kept shiny with a Brasso type product.

Ideal for doors with roller locks, pantry's and large cupboards.

Sold in pairs.


Good original condition, they have a few ring marks and dings and the usual marks and scratches consummate with age and use. Some slight bends to the Rose plates but they all screw nice and flat.Sizes & info

Finish: Polished brass 
Diameter of knob: 45mm (1.75in)
Rose plate diameter: 56mm (2in)
Projection: 77mm (3n)
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws 
Stock code: 1350/D

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