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Early 1900s Vacant/Engaged Bolt

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A classic Vacant/Engaged brass toilet door bolt, this one dates from sometime pre war. We've replaced the original damaged enamel sign with a reclaimed one from the 1950s. The bar doesn't slide so only one hole in the door rather than a slot. It's all been cleaned and polished, it'll tarnish pretty quickly after a bit of use, easy enough to polish with a Brass type product.


Good working condition 

Finish: Brass
Indicator size: 56mm x 56mm (2.25in)
Slider size: 70mm x 65mm (2.75in x 2.5in) (tube 6mm sq)
Fits doors: 50mm to approx 60mm, any narrower just cut the tube.
Stock code: 1594/D/O
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