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Set 9 Graduated Servants Bells

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A great quality set of 9 matching & graduated (each bell has a different tone) servants call bells. Lovely examples with the makers name & address stamped on each of the solid brass arms. These are comparatively large bells with quite large brass fittings (all the bells have a lovely clear ring) the set is complete and is fully working, the return springs can be turned round so they can be pulled from the left or right, we'd date the set to around 1890.

They were fairly shabby when we got them, all the brass needed to be stripped and polished and all the iron work needed the rust removing and refinished. The bells we've just given a really good clean and they've retained a lot of the original patina.


Overall great original working condition, one front has a tiny hole another is missing a bit on the inside edge. A few bends to the iron.

Finish: Original brass & iron
Avg height: 330mm (13in)
Avg diameter of bell: 90mm (3.5in)
Stock code: 1462
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