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Small 1920s Rim Lock

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A lightly refurbished small steel cased rim lock with a simple Gothic detailing around the keyhole. The lock has a bit of an RD number on the fore plate dating the design to the 1920s I doubt its much later than that. It was starting to flake and rust so we touched up some of the paint and finished it with clear lacquer. The mechanism has been cleaned and oiled, the keep was with it but might not be the original.


Really good working condition, signs of old finishes and marks and scratches. The key has been used allot so it doesn't sit quite straight in the lock.

Finish: Original steel
Lock size: 125mm x 76mm (5in x 3in)
Handle backset: 100mm (4in)  Key: 45mm (1.75in)
Keep size: 75mm x 25mm (3in x 1in)
Supplied with: New Black slotted screws
Stock code: 951/Q/10

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