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LH 1800s Rim Latch & Knobs


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A fully refurbished left handed mid 1800s (early Victorian/late Georgian) antique iron rim latch, with slide thumb bolt, probably from an upstairs door. Quite a simple design with a carpenter style bolt (up/down rather than in/out), I'm pretty sure the small (36mm diameter) spun brass cottage handles are original to the latch, but the keep is a later addition.


Great original working condition, signs of old finishes, marks and scratches. Couple of small dings on the pressed brass handles.

Finish: Steel
Lock size: 115mm x 87mm (4.5in x 3.5in)
Handle backset: 87mm (3.25in) 
Keep size: 87mm x 22mm (4.5in x 1in)
Fits doors: 30mm to approx 45mm 
Stock code: 1601/A/W
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