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Large Georgian Rim Lock

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A quite large example of solid brass cased antique Georgian rim lock, it has both a key and a sliding thumb latch and it's original swinging escutcheon on the face. Dating from around 1820, the lock has been refurbished, cleaned and machine polished. It'll tarnish pretty quickly if not kept shiny. The key is the original,  the keep is a later replacement, it will tarnish but it is a very slightly different shade of brass. With it being Georgian the spindle socket is slightly smaller than modern one at 7.5mm wide, the socket is square on so you could use ovals.

Any questions, please ask.


Quite a few surface marks and the case does have a small cark on the back, it doesn't effect the operation. 

Finish: Brass
Lock size: 195mm x 110mm (7.25in x 4.25in)
Handle backset: 153mm (6in) Key: 95mm (3.75in)
Keep size: 105mm x 25mm (4in x 1in)
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws
Stock code: 1476/E

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