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18in Victorian Door Bolt

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A long antique shot bolt by WT&S dating from around 1890 in quite a Yellow brass. Wrought iron bolt and a solid brass one piece bottom section, the bolt is stamped Patent, not sure what the patent is for maybe the sprung mechanism, which works on this example. Cleaned and polished, it'll quickly tarnish (see condition). Its got a great antique finish.


Its been cleaned with something abrasive for many years and maybe been outside, we've polished out the heavy weathering, its got a great look. The 2 end screw holes are a little smaller than the other so have a smaller sized head screw.

Finish: Brass
Bolt size: 426mm  x 35mm (16.75in x 1.75in)
Keep size: 30mm x 35mm (1.25in x 1.75in)
Stock code: 1343/D
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws

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