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Period 1920s Door Bell Push


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One of our range of unique period front door bell pushes with a mix of antique and new. This example is a cast brass plate with a raised centre from a 1920s School, it's been polished but will tarnish pretty quickly if not kept polished. Let us know if you want one landscape. Some of the brass fronts do have marks and scratches.

The exterior 12v wired ceramic push is new, the oak plinth is 1800s English oak & has had several coats of linseed oil. The block goes on first (it has predrilled countersunk holes) and the plate goes over & secured with 6 new slotted screws. The push doesn't protrude from the rear so no holes required.

Finish: Antique brass & oak
Size: 155mm x 56mm (6in x 2.25in)
Oak block: 25mm (1in)thick
Stock code: 1633/H
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