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Antique Tipton Penny Door Lock

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A lightly refurbished antique Tipton penny door lock by Lockerbie & Wilkinson of Tipton in almost a Rose brass. This one probably dates from around the 1920/40's. These were usually on the outside of toilet doors in train stations and the like. Hangs on the door with screws on slotted holes on the back plate (upside down in the image, we'll flip it round).

Some of the internal workings are missing so it doesn't work with coins and the slide bolt function doesn't work either so its really a door latch for the outside with a slide bolt for the inside. The keep for the main bolt is a reproduction. Two different styles of keep for the slide bolt.

All the brass has been cleaned and through a multi stage polishing process, easily polished when it starts to tarnish. 

Any questions please ask.


Overall pretty good for something that's been in commercial use, quite a few scratches and dents on the the main case. The vacant/engaged doesn't work, the mechanism doesn't work and no keys.

Finish: Original brass
Main case size: 470mm x 115mm (18.5in x 4.5in)
Spindle centre to edge of door: 90mm (3.5in)
Weight: 6.5kg
Slide bolt size: 75mm x 32mm (3in x 1.25in) 
Supplied with: New brass slotted screws 

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