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French Gothic Elbow Door Locks

We currently have 1 in stock.

Refurbished and sympathetically restored antique French elbow locks with Gothic mounts and thumb latches. Probably dating from around 1900 all these locks were recently reclaimed from a French monastery, some are stamped 'PRA' with possibly a crown on the latch section and some have a 'Ernst Stengler' stamp on the back. The bar they have on the top also works the catch, meaning you can open the door using your elbow, they take a standard size spindle for regular door handles. The picture of the back showing the long key entry is the painted version.

All the locks and keeps have been stripped, lightly repainted then lightly lacquered. The steel Gothic mounts and latches have been polished. Each mechanism has been taken apart, cleaned and oiled. All the thumb latches work but no keys. Only for right handed doors.

We do have more awaiting restoration.

The keeps are new.


All the locks have been repainted, the mechanism is quite heavy and its in full working condition and all the thumb latches work. There isn't much clearance on the latch so you need to take care when fitting the keeps that the latch catches when its closed.

Finish: Repainted steel
Max case size: 110mm wide x 105mm x 25mm projection
Max keep size: 150mm x 25mm x 25mm projection
Spindle centre to edge of lock: 60mm 
Weight: 1kg
Supplied with: New Black slotted screws

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